Bungoma Killings Unacceptable!!

What is happening in Bungoma is well known to the security personnel. They are however just as culpable as the perpetrators hence their reluctance to intervene or even do something concrete. The killings are political but the objectives are what am still trying to figure out, perhaps just to undermine the recently elected political leadership especially the Governor Mr. Lusaka.

It is alleged that his main challenge Alfred Khangati is the architect of the killings. His bother and his former personal assistant as the one doing the dirty work. The brother has since recorded a statement with the local police and so has the former legislator.

The personal assistant, a Mr. Mutua but now deceased but will still keep his slave name, is the one the police used to know the truth. They laid a trap by using a lady to lure him in pretense of love. He obliged, well many men would since Solomon showed the way. He therefore confessed everything to her and she later informed the local intelligence.

The security officers however decided to kill him. Reason being in the run-up to the election, he used to attend top security meetings in Bungoma. He therefore had access to critical information that was used to plan the attacks. He also would use these same links to inform the men doing the killings on how to manouvre. When he was arrested, he confessed to everything from police involvement to the former MPs’ being the commander of the process. He was therefore executed for fear that he would risk the same police officers’ lives and career by revealing these details to the public.

The Mr. Mutua had easy to access top security information since the former MP was an assistant minister in the Internal Security and Provincial administration following the cabinet reshuffle after Ministers Saitoti and Ojode died in the plane crash.

Security is the most important and principle role a government comes to office to prioritize. It is also a preserve of the national government. Since the transition is still taking shape and slowly, such acts will continue to happen due to laxity from concerned stakeholders.

Khang’ati had unsuccessfully garnered for the Bungoma Governor seat. Why he could be involved, to say, undermine the leadership that was duly elected is puzzling perhaps.

But keeping in mind that Governor Lusaka is a political orphan of Saitoti, he equally has the requisite connections to call the endless killings. But I could be naive in expecting much from him. For him to just call for the reshuffle of local police is not enough. But he could be doing more than we know.

What is more puzzling is why the national leadership is silent on the matter. It reminds many of how President Kibaki used to behave and only come out after the situation is worse. It points to a leadership that cares-less about security for certain people. Could be that they are waiting to strike at a specific time! What time is it when Kenyans are dying! Why wait until the situation is worse!

Just so many questions that need urgent answers.

To expect much from the police is naive. They are part of the process by tacitly doing less. In fact, when they are called to intervene as the heart of the killing spree’s, the take between an hour and hour and half to respond. Then they go, carry the dead and injured bodies and go away. They do not follow the murderers or even provide security at all!!

What could be fueling the youth to do these killings could also be some of them took part as electoral officials and have yet to be paid. It is alleged that the monies have been released by the IEBC but suspicions is that the the electoral coordinators have eaten the monies.

But a quick resolution is what is needed urgently. We cannot accept wanton killings to continue unabated!!!

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